DeuRheo 201P

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DeuRheo 201P

DeuRheo 201P Dispersion of a polyethylene wax paste, add convenience and easy to disperse anti-settling agents.


Chemical properties:

Composition: polyethylene wax

Appearance : translucent white flowing paste

Solid content:10%-10.5%

Solvents : xylene

Weight : approximately 0.88


Product use:

Providing excellent anti-settling effect, has no significant effect on viscosity. Maintain the viscosity stability, even if slightly settlement is also very easy to mix, and never in bottom sediments hardened. Without activation, anti-settling effect is not dispersing effect of temperature. Anti-settling effect from the effects of solvents and resins. Coating of gloss and yellowing resistance, water resistance and the drying rate, had no effect. Has excellent thixotropic, no grinding, directly. For example, Lu, Pearl powder, matte, fluorescent pigment anti-settling. For LU when Lu scales arranged regularly, can help to improve their gloss. Look for mobile slurry, applies to modern high speed dispersion equipment, access to convenient, easier to disperse.


Scope of application: Applicable to all kinds of oily coating, ink.

Dosage and use:

Total system 1-5%, use should be 201P added resin, high speed disperse evenly, then add other ingredients such as Lu dispersed powder, solvent to low speed. Solidification in low temperature, you must use stability to heat water, to a flowing paste after use.