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Beta Amylase Enzyme

Beta Amylase Enzyme is a kind of high efficiency enzyme obtained from plant by a series of scientific methods. Enzyme system of this product is pure, activity higher, good tolerance to high temperature and no peculiar smell. It is widely used in manufacture of beer, vinegar, high maltose syrup and crystalline maltose syrup, etc.

  • Definition of Activity:
  • Working Temperature: 20oC-65oC (Effective), 55oC-60oC (Optimum), 57oC (Recommend).
  • Working pH: 3.0-6.5 (Effective), 5.0-5.6 (Optimum).
  • The low-concentration of Ca2+ and Mg2+have increasing effect on enzyme activity; Fe2+ and Hg2+have inhibiting effect on enzyme activity.